Come scegliere installatore fotovoltaico

How to choose the right photovoltaic installer

Photovoltaic represents one of the most effective solutions for the production of electricity through the use of renewable sources. Choosing to install a photovoltaic system means fixing the cost of your energy for at least 20 years, ensuring enhancement of the property, growing energy independence, savings on bill costs and environmental sustainability.

If you are approaching this subject and are thinking of installing a photovoltaic system for your company or home, it will be essential for you to choose the right technical operator to guarantee correct and reliable design and installation and above all optimal management of the energy produced from your system. So as to avoid unpleasant surprises and problems in the long term.

Photovoltaic installer and photovoltaic solutions: differences and similarities

The renewable energy sector, photovoltaic in particular, has experienced phases of strong instability in recent years. By simplifying the steps, we went from a market full of incentives to the subsequent disappearance of almost all specialized operators. To then arrive at the 110% period, the scenario of the reappearance of a series of low-skilled operators. This scenario makes the definition of the “installer” profession complex.

From a theoretical point of view, the installer is responsible for installing the photovoltaic system. However, it is essential to consider that installation is only part of the entire process, important but certainly not sufficient to guarantee optimal production and consumption of renewable electricity.

In fact, if we talk about renewables, attention must be oriented towards energy rather than plants. At Southenergy we fully embrace this philosophy, trying for over a decade to motivate our customers how important it is to evaluate the flow of energy over the years, rather than the cost of the system at zero time, to pay attention to the benefits deriving from being able to rely to a structured operator capable of installing but also maintaining and managing the solutions offered for the next 20 years of production of the systems themselves.

Considering the above, we think it appropriate to briefly outline the perimeter of the main services which, together with the installation, allow you to truly obtain the expected benefit from photovoltaic:

  • CONSULTING AND DESIGN, aimed at identifying the most suitable technical solution
  • CONSTRUCTION, installation of systems with specialised in-house technical personnel, using Southenergy equipment and machinery
  • O&M, in order to ensure an economic return on investment for the company while maintaining the full efficiency of systems
  • DUE DILIGENCE, technical and administrative
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT, to manage obligations and compliance relating to GSE (Energy Services Manager), Customs Agency, ARERA and Network Manager
  • MONITORING, real-time analysis for predictive interventions to minimise system downtime‍

All these services allow you to actually manage a photovoltaic project, be it for a home or a company. As you can see, installation is certainly a crucial phase, but its actual valorisation depends on many other factors and activities.

In Southenergy we manage autonomously, and with internal staff, all the services listed above, with the aim not only of providing the customer with a solution suited to his needs and functioning, but above all a solution that guarantees the customer generation and excellent energy management that can maximize the expected benefit.

An overview of the figure of the photovoltaic installer

Now that we have clarified how installation is part of a much more complex process, we can focus on the skills that an installer must have. We are talking about a professional figure requiring complete technical preparation and in-depth knowledge in the field of solar energy.

To become a competent photovoltaic installer it is essential to acquire specific training in the renewable energy sector and attend constant specialization courses, in the electrical but also mechanical fields, which cover aspects such as the management of a construction site, the installation and configuration of components and instruments techniques, installation procedures, safety regulations etc. For example, a photovoltaic installer should be able to read and correctly understand the technical projects prepared by the engineering area, understanding the details of the system specifications and guaranteeing an installation consistent with the project and, therefore, safe. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of solar technologies and installation practices is essential to ensure effective and safe work.

We distinguish in a simplified way three macro areas of expertise that characterize installer teams:

Electrical skills

We are talking about skills relating to the world of electricity and its management, which have a crucial impact on the installation of system components. This includes detailed knowledge of photovoltaic panels, inverters and electrical wiring. Use tools and equipment safely, following safety guidelines to prevent workplace accidents.

Mechanical skills

In parallel with the electrical part, a real photovoltaic installer also has resources in the team specialized in mechanical skills: site preparation, preparation and installation of brackets and structures, anchoring modules etc. It also uses tools and equipment safely, following safety guidelines to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Electronic skills

Electronic expertise is essential in the installation team, a figure who not only understands the installation logic of components and technical instruments, but also takes care of configuring and monitoring the system in order to make it work in parallel with the national electrical infrastructure.

Technological update

It is essential to stay up to date on the latest technologies in the photovoltaic energy sector. The installer must therefore know new materials, photovoltaic storage technologies and remote monitoring systems. This allows it to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to customers, ensuring optimal performance of photovoltaic systems.

The importance of certifications and authorizations

Certifications represent a crucial element for evaluating the reliability and competence of a photovoltaic installer. A certification issued by recognized institutes certifies that the installer has acquired the necessary skills to design, install and maintain photovoltaic systems in compliance with quality and safety standards.

Local permits are another essential component to consider when choosing a solar installer. Each region or municipality may have specific laws and regulations regarding the installation of photovoltaic systems, and an installer must be authorized to operate in accordance with these regulations.

All the processes carried out by Southenergy, for example, are managed with its own resources and internal staff, and are also qualified in terms of process by having the most important certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Attestazione SOA per la qualificazione all’esecuzione di lavori pubblici).

Custom design

The company must offer customized design based on the client’s specific needs and the characteristics of their building. This means adapting the technical layout and configuration of the photovoltaic system to the building, as well as to the customer’s preferences in terms of aesthetics and performance.

After-sales assistance

Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee the correct functioning and maximum efficiency of the photovoltaic system over time. After installation, it is essential to schedule periodic checks to assess the condition of the components and ensure that the system continues to operate to the best of its capabilities.

Installer availability

It is important that the installer offers a quick and reliable assistance service to fix any problems or faults that may occur during use of the photovoltaic system. An installer ready for action can respond promptly in cases of assistance and provide timely solutions to restore the correct functioning of the photovoltaic system.


Choosing the right installer for your photovoltaic system is essential to guarantee optimal performance, durability over time and peace of mind. Consider criteria such as experience, certifications, quality of materials, custom design, after-sales support and reputation before making a decision. With the right attention and research, you can find the ideal installer to meet your needs and maximize the benefits of your photovoltaic system.

Since 2008, Southenergy has been providing customized solutions aimed at enhancing renewable energy sources, providing solutions and a personalized consultancy path.

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