PNRR "Parco Agrisolare": Lucente Chooses Southenergy

Over 35 years of experience and professionalism: a statement that clearly summarizes the work of Lucente, agricultural company owned by Lucente Giovanni. Born in 1989 in Puglia, in Carovigno (BR), still known in southern Italy as an excellence in the local agricultural sector, devoted to taking care of every production and selling phase of products of undisputed quality such as fruit, vegetables and oil.

The agricultural company Lucente has entrusted its energy transition process towards renewable sources to Southenergy, through the installation of a 19,68 kW photovoltaic system complete with storage system and EV Charger for electric vehicles.

The project represents a crucial driver for the company’s competitiveness, also promoting corporate sustainability and the massive reduction of energy costs.


Equipping yourself with an industrial photovoltaic system today means producing energy independently, predicting its cost, and therefore setting the price of energy with consequent conscious management of the same in present and future business investment plans.

The agricultural company Lucente chose Southenergy to undertake this virtuous path, also taking advantage of the support of Southenergy consultants to grab a crucial opportunity: the PNRR “Parco Agrisolare” tender. 

“Parco Agrisolare”: up to 80% non-repayable grant for photovoltaics

The PNRR measure M2C1-I.2.2 “Parco Agrisolare” entails the selection and financing of interventions involving the implementation of photovoltaic systems to be installed on buildings used for production in the agricultural, zootechnical and agro-industrial sector. Expenses related to the installation of electric energy storage systems and/or electric charging devices for sustainable mobility and agricultural machinery are also considered eligible.

Investment support takes the form of a non-repayable grant of up to 80% within the limits of the aid intensities set out in the Decree.

The Lucente agricultural company has chosen to rely on Southenergy in the presentation of the “Parco Agrisolare” submission, therefore benefiting from 360° support in every phase of the project: from the presentation of the submission, to access to the benefit up to the installation of a photovoltaic system complete with energy storage system and electric vehicle charging device.

Activity details:

  • 19,68 kW photovoltaic system
  • Energy storage system
  • EV Charger electric vehicles

SOUTHENERGY, renewable energy, since 2008

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Project Data
Impresa Agricola Lucente
June 2024
Puglia, Carovigno (BR)